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Clinical Services

Together, we can navigate mental and behavioral health challenges.

As a trusted community resource, our caring staff understands our town’s youngest residents’ unique issues as they move through the school system into adulthood. To support their well-being and positive growth, we provide confidential counseling, therapy, and family support services to overcome the barriers in life that often lead to stress, pain, anger, and sadness.

When a child is in need, easy access to clinical services can change the trajectory of their life.

Clinical Programs & Resources

When our young residents have reliable resources for cultivating health, stability, and happiness, we build an even stronger community for everyone.

As we work towards positive outcomes through our clinical process, we always respect our client’s individual needs, cultural background, values, priorities, and goals. For full descriptions of our services, please click on the headings below:

Clinical Referral Services

Referral services for individual counseling and other forms of mental health support is available through CHS.  Sometimes people need some support in finding the best resource available to help them.

Family Counseling

We offer family and sibling counseling as an integral part of teaching skills as well as addressing family patterns that contribute to a child’s symptoms can lead to more solid change and growth.

Group Therapy

CHS offers group therapy for children and teens depending on the current needs in the community. Groups are adapted to meet the needs of participants in the targeted age group.

Individual Counseling & Therapy

Individual counseling is available to youth (and parents at times) residing in Clinton ages 5-21. We support children who struggle with a wide array of emotional and behavioral challenges.

Parent Support

In some cases, a child is already receiving services for mental health or behavioral issues, but parents need guidance in how to support that child’s progress in emotional and behavioral wellness.

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