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Support group for adults to connect about the unique challenges of raising their grandchildren.

Welcoming environment and open to grandparents in surrounding towns.

This program is for grandparents who have custody or guardianship of their grandchildren. We meet monthly at the HCH Library or at Town Hall Annex.

By participating, grandparents can

  • Build community and find support with other adults in similar situations
  • Share resources, advice, and other helpful information with each other
  • Hear from guest speakers in the community on a variety of topics (family law, internet safety, substance abuse patterns)
  • Bring school-age children to participate in Kindness Club, run simultaneously with group by HCH Library staff

Learn how the Clark family used their situation as inspiration to collaborate with our organization and start a Grandparents support group.

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Jill Paglino

Program Coord.