Appreciation is a wonderful thing.

Please take a moment to read the kind words from our beloved community. This is why we do what we do.

“As a veteran teacher with Clinton Public Schools, I am proud of how the school district and Clinton Human Services have partnered over the years to serve students and families.”

– C. Best

“Boys Camp provided my son with a place to feel comfortable, explore the woods (which he loves), and connect with other boys and talk about feelings.”

– C. Schmardel

I wouldn’t be the man I am today, on the path that I am on, if it wasn’t for those who had an impact on my life during my time engaged with PiC and with REACT.

– A. Tessman

“This organization is more than just resources, but an opportunity for students to be empowered to make change right here in Clinton!”

– Joni Zdunczyk

“My daughter’s involvement with React and the exposure she had to state & federal leaders fostered a passion for advocacy, influencing her college pursuits.”

– Shelby Auletta

“I can’t imagine my life without the support of Clinton Human Services! You guys are like my right arm and my light in the darkness.”

– Julie Palazzo

“I have witnessed countless residents of all ages thrive under the care and guidance of the invaluable variety of services offered by Clinton Human Services.”

– Sarah Borgnis-Tobin

“CHS cares about their programs, the community, and all the people they work with. I am always impressed and I appreciate the opportunities I have had to work with them.”

– Shannon Tiso

“Peer Advocates has been behind many of the important events at Morgan, offering a space for high schoolers to practice responsibility and advocacy.”

– Allison Goguen

The Clinton YFS was also instrumental in my son finding a summer job this past year. It’s a wonderful and rare thing to feel included and welcomed in a new town.

– Heather Schmidt