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A drug-free, youth leadership club for Clinton residents.

REACT stands for Reality Even Affects Clinton Teens.

REACT includes Clinton youth from grades 5-12. Eliot REACT meets one time per month, and Morgan meets twice per month in the evenings.  You do not have to go to school at Morgan to be in REACT. If you attend another high school but live in Clinton, you are still eligible to join!

Advised and run by Partners in Community staff, in this program students will:

  • Be challenged to make positive decisions and to avoid negative risk behaviors, and to influence their peers to do the same
  • Participate in activities designed to identify and utilize their specific leadership strengths and abilities
  • Have the opportunity to practice leadership in a variety of settings, including within REACT meetings, during REACT events, Clinton community events and boards, and on state boards and committees, if desired
  • Learn the dangers of substance use and will participate in designing campaigns to influence their peers to avoid using drugs/alcohol and to handle stress with healthy coping strategies
  • Practice positive communication skills to help the greater Clinton community understand teen trends in attitudes and behavior

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Ben Eaves

Coalition Coordinator:


Shelby Mehmet

Asst. Project Coord.