Juvenile Review Board

Offering an alternative

The primary purpose of Clinton’s Juvenile Review Board (JRB) is to help Clinton youth under 18 who have committed their first criminal offense avoid contact with the Juvenile Justice System. Available to youth only once, this program allows an arrested young person to avoid going to court by meeting with the community board members and completing assigned diversions (tasks) by designated deadlines. If all diversions are satisfactorily completed, the case is dismissed and the youth does not carry an arrest record forward.

  • This is a voluntary program. The youth must choose to come before the members of the Juvenile Review Board.
  • The youth must admit that he or she committed the criminal act in question.
  • The youth must accept or agree with the decisions of the JRB, or the case will be referred to Juvenile Court.The case manager will work with the family to complete all diversions and make referrals as needed.

The service is for first time offenders of minor crimes under the age of 18. Arrests for felony charges typically are not seen by the JRB. If you would like to be considered as a board member, we occasionally do accept new members. Please contact us at Clinton Human Services.

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