Impact Story: Liz Isaacson

Fifteen years ago, Liz Isaacson noticed a Christmas tree hung with little tags in the Mill School building. Her friend Diane, who worked in Clinton Human Services, told Liz that each tag conveyed the wishes of a child whose family could not give them just what they wanted for Christmas.

“I grabbed a tag,” said Liz. “It belonged to an 8-year-old girl who loved bright colors and clothes. I had great fun shopping for and wrapping these gifts.”

On Christmas morning, when the little girl opened the packages of red corduroys, jeans, and colorful tops, she was “over the moon,” Liz heard. The girl’s mother was deeply moved by the generosity of her anonymous neighbor.

To Liz, Clinton Human Services, “the beating heart of our community,” epitomizes that generosity year-round. Liz has served as a member of the Human Services Advisory Board, and on keeping the local food pantry stocked. She admires the “fabulous job” the staff does connecting families with food, housing, counseling, and more. “If you live here and have a need, the town can satisfy it,” she says.

The Christmas tradition continues to be close to Liz’s heart, and she recalls some memorable gifts.

“We gave a banjo one year!” she says. “There was a 7 or 8 year old boy who wanted to study music and take banjo lessons. I can think of a lot of ways you can spend $200, but when you can make someone feel really good, there’s nothing better.”